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Heterodox Trans People #4: The Aarons

Aaron Kimberly and Aaron Terrell free speech, healthcare, and that fuzzy diagnosis called gender dysphoria

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Lisa Selin Davis
Discussions about the impossible-to-discuss topic of gender...whatever the heck that word means.
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The Aarons—Kimberly and Terrell—are part of the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, which penned an open letter after those by GLAAD and New York Times’ contributors, which demanded censorship and control over the coverage of gender-affirming care.

The GDA wants the opposite: transparency, research, open debate. You know, they want real evidence-based healthcare, and they want to be able to talk about the condition that led them to transition, and what the research shows, or doesn’t, about transitioning children. They don’t want a political philosophy in place of healthcare.


Aaron Terrell transitioned in 2012 at the age of 28. Around 2017 he became concerned by the shifting understanding of gender dysphoria and medicalization amongst younger female to male transitioners. He is primarily interested in the sociopolitical trends that have enabled the exponential explosion in numbers of young people seeking gender transition. In 2021, he joined with Aaron Kimberly to make Gender Dysphoria Alliance an international organization and together they launched their podcast, Transparency, where they discuss all things trans related without the ideological lens the topic is usually presented through.

Aaron Kimberly is a female to male transsexual who started to medically transition in 2006, having experienced life-long Gender Dysphoria. He’s a Registered Nurse with a specialization in psychiatric nursing and has worked in a psychiatric stabilization unit at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC, was a nurse educator for the British Columbia Specialized Adult Tertiary Eating Disorders Program, and more recently was as a counsellor and case manager within a network of community-based clinics for youth ages 12-25. He’s now a clinical instructor at Brandon University, Department of Psychiatric Nursing and has a private counselling practice.

He founded the Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada in January 2021, after discovering the alarming degree of ideological capture within the trans health establishment, and subsequent blacklisting among that clinical community because of his interest in Gender Dysphoria from an evidence-based perspective. GDAC was rebranded and launched as an international network, the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, with co-founders Aaron Terrell, Kellie Pirie, Buck Angel, Mars Fernandez and Janet Scott (all transsexuals with Gender Dysphoria).